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Fabrication services from Lugen Industries support most substrates, technologies, and lead times. Whether you need a two layer board completed in 21 days or a 18 layer board in 3 to 5 days, Lugen Industries can comply.

Key Benefits

Quick turn and production fabrication
Standard and advanced substrates
Most technologies are supported


Lugen Industries has had vast experience with most technologies for electronic packaging. If your company is doing its first polyimide or Teflon  board, consult with Lugen Industries to ease the transition. Lugen Industries is capable of doing designs that most suppliers aren't.

Mil Approved Facility
Mil - spec approved facility for military products.
Quick Turn Fabrication
Quick turn fabrication allows you to prototype and product a manufacturable product faster.
ISO Certified
Lugen Industries production facility is ISO - 9001 certified.
Various Substrates Available
Flex (Multilayer)
Rigid-Flex (Multilayer)
THERMOUNT (Multilayer / Mil approved)
Teflon / Duroid
Ceramic Filled
Hybrid Type
Copper / Invar / Copper
Copper / Moly
Large Boards
30 layer boards up to 18" X 24" are available.
Boards up to .25" thick
RF Boards
RF designs are easily handled by both advance design practices and substrates. We also can build your microwave designs.
High Density Geometries
Lugen Industries can manufacture boards with .003" traces and .003" clearances.
Micro Vias
Sequential Lamination
The ability to perform a sequential lamination on a board, Lugen allows most any layer stackup. This eases signal integrity constraints and makes buried vias easier to design.
Aspect Ratios up to 10:1
High aspect ratios for completing those impossible designs.
Surface Mount
Sequential Plating
Thick Plating
Solder Mask
Solder Mask Over Bare Copper
Solder Plated Copper Under Solder Mask
Photo Imageable
Liquid Film
Dry Film
High Speed
Controlled Impedance
Controlled Capacitance
Controlled Inductance
Controlled Delay
Matched Nets
Differential Pairs
Back Panels
In excess of 18" X 24" board size
Up to 30 layers
Up to .25" thickness
.006" traces X .006" clearances
Flex Circuits
Single Sided (With or without cover layers)
Double Sided (With or without cover layers)
Multilayer Flex
Rigid-Flex Circuits
Using GF for the rigid material
Using GI for the rigid material
Modified epoxy adhesives for bonding
Acrylic adhesives for bonding
Rigid-Flex boards using above materials plus metal core.
Multilayer Boards with Metal Cores For Heat Sinking of TCE
Copper - isolated or active
copper - molybdenum - copper isolated or active
Up to 4 active copper - invar - copper layers
Kevlar Boards
Kevlar Polyimide
Kevlar Epoxy
RF Substrates
Teflon / Duroid
Ceramic Filled Duroid

Reference Accounts

           Lugen Industries has done work from Fortune 100 companies down. Due to the non-disclosure              agreements that most companies require Lugen Industries to sign, we are unable to list reference              accounts.

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Last modified: February 05, 1998