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Lugen Industries has qualified and experienced electronic packaging engineers to facilitate the design of your companies complicated designs. By offloading your electronic packaging design to Lugen Industries during busy portions of your design cycle, you allow your company to operate more efficiently.

Key Benefits

No need for a captive electronic packaging design group
Quick response during heavy design periods.
Optimization of your design phases to shorten time to market.
Ability to answer questions about any step of the design process.
Automation of the manufacturing process.


Standard Substrates
Most standard substrates are supported. Lugen can design boards in excess of 24" X 18" upto 30 layers. We can also design with 3 mil lines and 3 mil gaps.
Advanced Substrates
Lugen Industries is also capable of handling and designing for advanced substrates. Substrates like Teflon, Duroid, ceramics, and hybrids (epoxy, GETEK, polyimide, etc.) can be specified.
Multi-Chip Modules (MCM)
Multi-Chip Modules have become mainstream at Lugen Industries. High speed designs can now be put onto an MCM to allow higher total board densities. Let Lugen determine the optimal MCM technology for both price and performance.
Both thin and thick film technologies can be designed. As with Multi-Chip Modules, hybrids are mainstream technology for Lugen Industries. If your company has a high power or RF design, you may want to consider hybrids.
Flex and Rigid-Flex
Flexible circuitry is becoming more dominant. Lugen Industries can design and manufacture your flex and rigid-flex circuitry. Conformance to the IPC specifications ensure correct and low fault designs.

Reference Accounts

           Lugen Industries has done work from Fortune 100 companies down. Due to the non-disclosure              agreements that most companies require Lugen Industries to sign, we are unable to list reference              accounts.

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Last modified: February 05, 1998